Medical Recording Chart Paper

We have been a leading manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of paper products . We can manufacture medical paper, such as ECG paper, EEG paper, CTG paper, ultrasound paper. The paper is produced to the same exacting standards as the equipment manufacturers’. Each type of paper is specifically designed to produce clear, accurate tracings and clearly defined alphanumeric characters. Paper comes in either rolled or Z-folded formats.

Ultrasound Units

Explore our wide range of Ultrasound Systems and choose between new, used and refurbished units. We are known as the experts in ultrasound, making sure you get the best ultrasound at the best price. We carry ultrasounds from the top manufacturers, including GE, SonoSite, SonoScape, Philips, Chison and more than a dozen other brands. We provide the best customer support in the industry with an expert staff.

Preventative Maintenance & Calibration

Our services go beyond electrical safety tests. We offer various assessments to ensure every machine is accurate and within manufacturer and state specifications. Calibrations will help increase patient safety and equipment duration.

Probe Repair

A defective probe does not always have to be replaced. Learn more about the possibilities of repairing your probe – and be amazed about how much you can save.

Technical Repair

Many current types of medical equipment require sophisticated diagnostics and repair. We have a dedicated staff of biomedical engineers located in our modern facility . We arrange repair and return for a wide variety of instruments and equipment.

All Spare Parts

We provide a extensive range of new and refurbished spare parts, supplies and equipment, including: pulse oximeters, finger sensors, defibrillators, EKGs, Ultrasoun Probe, monitors, oxygen concentrators, masks, CPAPs, BiPAPs, PC boards, infusion pumps, sterilizers, cables, batteries, and many more from leading vendors such as Philips, Samsung, GE, Schiller, Medison, Aloka and others.